Monday, 8 June 2015

Wedding make-up trial

80 days and 15 hours until our big day!!
Today, I had my make-up trial for the wedding and was very excited but nervous as I do not wear makeup normally. Luckily the makeup artist I had was very lovely and understood that I wasn't used to make-up, so she used subtle, natural colours. She contoured my cheeks perfectly on only half my cheek bones as I did not want colour on my cheeks as my cheeks go red easily (so I didn't want to add more to emphasis the colour in my cheeks). In the past I have had blepharitis and have a scar from when I had treatment on my eye lid, which I am greatly self conscious about, my make-up artist soon made this non-existent. As many of my flaws were covered up I feel more confident that I will look like a beautiful, blushing bride. All my worries of being in front of all our friends and family have gone away.
image image
Cannot wait to see my hair, make-up and dress all put together!


Rachael Robinson said...

It looks lovely! I don't have a clue where to start with wedding make up - I haven't got that far yet. I'm like you and I don't wear make up lots, so it'll be an experience for me! Ray from Lukeosaurs And Me xx

Sammy said...

Thank you! Definitely glad I wanted to get my makeup done for wedding as it does make you feel special. When is your wedding? Xx