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The book corner is where I will post recent books I have read, give my opinions and talk about their storylines. I always struggle to know what book to read next as I can easily get bored quickly, therefore, I hope this page can help you decide on what book you may want to read next from reading my review of the books I have read.
I will rate each book, however, I encourage you to read the books for yourselves and let me know how you found it.

1) 1984- George Orwell
About the Book
This story portrays a dystopian society which is seemingly run by 'Big Brother', the ruling party's leader. The protagonist is a member of the party set in London, which is part of the nation Oceania, his work consists of rewriting historical records to reflect the needs of the party. All party members are constantly watched by Big Brother and people who are seemed to think their own thoughts or express their own individuality are commiting the worst of all crimes, where if caught the 'thought police' make them vanish and never would have existed. The protagonist, Winston, becomes angered by the oppression of the party and begins to think of the idea of a rebellion, he successfully holds his emotions intact until he meets Julia. Julia and Winston start a secret love affair and meet when they can through very careful planning, so that they do not get caught.
But will they get caught???
Will there be a revolution???
I will leave that for you to find out, if you fancy to give this book a go.

My opinion
I had read this book once before as part of my A-Level English Literature class, as it was one of many books I needed to read within a short period of time I felt I had rushed this book. Once I went to university I found a lot of the Marxist research I needed to study tied well with this book, which inspired me to re-read this book again. I enjoyed the fact that this story focuses on the fear of a toalitarian society, as it makes you question, as the reader, whether our society today comes close to this state or whether it will become such a state in the future. I did find in some parts that I got bored, especially when it talked about how the society is run ect in too much detail. What I prefered about the story was the love story that was between Julia and Winston as it was forbidden love which could threaten their lives.
For those who enjoy Hunger Games and Divergent may enjoy this book, although it lacks the same action but it does consist of the same idea of a controlling authority and a division of classes.

I rate this book 7/10

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