Friday, 14 August 2015

DIY wedding photo-booth

As I have seen recently the trend for weddings is to have a photo-booth, however, the ones you can hire cost a bomb . For a wedding you want to try and save where you can as it can all add up. Therefore, my sister and I decided to create a photo-booth for my wedding.
My sister is a photographer and has a backdrop frame, all I needed to do was get material for the backdrop. We went into a cheap store which sell homeware, we purchased one plain blue bed sheet and a opaque white curtain . The white curtain calms down the blue as I did not want to have it too loud (I want the props and guests to stand out).
For props I went into 'Chaplins' again as they are cheap and have a large dressing up section. I just picked up random hats, glasses, I got some feather boas and I added in bits that I already had (such as the minnie mouse ears). The basket was being sold as a laundry basket but I thought it would be useful to hold the props.
On the big day I will be using a tripod and my compact digital camera to let the guests take thir pictures. I have created a sign which will hang from the tripod for all to see.

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